1 + 1 = 3: The Additive Value of Thermography & BEMER

Advanced Health has been innovating for years to discover ways to help our patients overcome various ailments and improve their lives. We have a team of specialists to address everything from joint pain to autoimmunity. Last year, we added Thermal Digital Imaging, or Thermography, to our suite of health services. This year, we are adding Microcirculation Therapy provided by BEMER to complement what we find from Thermography scans. 

In this post I will briefly describe both Thermography and Microcirculation Therapy, and how they work together.


Thermography uses an infrared camera (observing radiation in the long-infrared range of the EM spectrum, between 9,000 and 1,400 µm) to observe the blood flow and heat patterns through various bodily tissues. It is an excellent  diagnostic adjunct tool to see the inner workings of the body.  Adjunct means to be used in conjunction (not as a replacement) with other imaging scans.  There is also no risk of exposure to damaging radiation or contrast iodine dyes, unlike with CT scans, mammograms, and x-rays.

With thermography, stress points throughout the body show up visibly warmer. Like traffic congestion on the road seen from a helicopter’s perspective, the body’s damaged “roads” (aka., blood vessels) are seen clumped together on the thermogram.  The “hot spots” represent poor cell functioning and increased inflammation. Oxygenation is not being adequately delivered to these “clumped” up regions allowing inflammation and cancer cell growth to rise. 

For instance, chronic pain can be easily understood through thermography since pain is always caused by poor blood circulation of the affected region and/or excess muscle tension.  Poor oxygenation + excess inflammation in the affected region prevents adequate healing. The usual diagnostic approach for chronic pain often produces nebulous results. Thermography more easily allows an effective personalized treatment to be defined for chronic pain, especially when conventional treatments have historically failed to cause significant improvement. 


Thermography shows us dysregulated blood flow patterns. Thankfully, microcirculation can be improved primarily through better supporting the nervous system in charge of maintaining all normal physiologic functions. In order to boost blood circulation and better support the parasympathic nervous system, microcirculation therapy via BEMER is a unique and powerful tool provided by Advanced Health. 

BEMER microcirculation therapy does 3 simple things extremely well:

  1. Better Supply of Oxygen to Cells by 30%
  2. Better Supply of Nutrients to Cells
  3. Better Disposal of Metabolic Waste and Detoxification 

Since 1998 the FDA-registered medical device, BEMER, has specialized in electromagnetic energy regulation technology.  BEMER gently assists the heart in delivering blood to the smallest vessels in the body, the arterioles. Its primary goal is to use a pulsed electromagnetic field—abbreviated as PEMF—to deliver a patented therapeutic signal that mimics that of the Earth’s magnetic field. The BEMER signal helps improve the impaired pumping movements of very small vessels and promote needs-based distribution of blood.*


Vascular and lymphatic blood flow are also readily visible under thermography. Unlike several other diagnostic approaches for vascular diseases, thermography is noninvasive and very effective, especially in earlier stages of disease development. Thus, if we see a problematic scan, we can provide proper follow-up and support immediately using BEMER microcirculation therapy in specific locations where there is abnormal blood circulation and poor cellular repair work.

Thermal changes commonly result from vascular constriction and/or from inflammation. This is why thermography can diagnose systemic conditions in cases where the thermal signature of the body is drifting from baseline (i.e. the “perfect” thermography scan should appear mostly blue). Using the patented BEMER signal for microcirculation therapy, we can begin to shift the body back to baseline.


At Advanced Health, we’re now using thermography to help our patients diagnose and treat chronic pain, inflammation, blood flow issues, and more. Thermography gives us a chance to observe the body’s mechanics in real-time, by observing thermal changes and hot-spots. We are also excited to offer BEMER microcirculation therapy since we strongly believe in prevention and empowering patients with tools they can utilize themselves in order to deliver dramatic results. For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world. It is easy-to-use and non-invasive.  If you are interested in trying out BEMER microcirculation therapy, contact us to learn more.


Dr. Bhandari and the Advanced Health Team Are Here to Support Your Health.

Our expert team of integrative holistic practitioners work with patients suffering from chronic health concern.  We help our patients reverse disease by better understanding how the body optimally functions and providing personalized treatment plan.  To learn more and book an appointment, contact Advanced Health or call 1-415-506-9393.

Payal Bhandari M.D. Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. is one of U.S.'s top leading integrative functional medical physicians and the founder of San Francisco' top ranked medical center, SF Advanced Health. Her well-experienced holistic healthcare team collaborates together to deliver whole-person personalized care and combines the best in Western and Eastern medicine. By being an expert of cell function, Dr. Bhandari defines the root cause of illness and is able to subside any disease within weeks to months. She specializes in cancer prevention and reversal, digestive & autoimmune disorders. Dr. Bhandari received her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology in 1997 and Doctor of Medicine degree in 2001 from West Virginia University. She the completed her Family Medicine residency in 2004 from the University of Massachusetts and joined a family medicine practice in 2005 which was eventually nationally recognized as San Francisco’s 1st patient-centered medical home. To learn more, go to www.sfadvancedhealth.com.

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