Do Herbs Really Have Benefits for Skin Care?

The patients and practitioners at Advanced Health are learning a lot from Ms. Audrey Dombroski, an herbalist and clinical researcher who studied at UCSF medical school. Audrey’s professional interests focus on the uses of both natural and holistic healing techniques to improve both a patient’s physiological and spiritual well-being.

As an herbalist, Audrey employs a variety of different natural remedies for a variety of ailments. Not only are plants extremely powerful in supporting your internal bodily systems, many can be used topically as well. Indeed, a variety of herbs can be extremely beneficial in the maintenance of healthy skin.

Top Benefits of Herbs for Skin Care

This list of herbs and natural remedies, and their topical uses, should give you the foundation you need to improve your own skin care regimen. To further care for your skin and for optimal wellness, book an appointment at Advanced Health.

Calendula is a natural moisturizer, and it has restorative properties suitable for all skin types. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so under the guidance of a trained herbalist it can be used to relieve a variety of skin conditions.

Chickweed also relieves inflammation, and the cooling sensation helps to sooth itchy or sore skin.

Chamomile, like chickweed, is an anti-inflammatory with numbing, calming properties, but it also helps to reduce redness and visible irritation.

Lavender, another anti-inflammatory, soothes redness and skin irritation, but it’s also particularly useful for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. These inhibit bacterial inflammation or infection, and help to prevent the skin from aging prematurely.

Marshmallow’s healing, moisturizing, and soothing properties help with chafing, sores, or wounds, and help to keep skin soft and supple. And on the subject of treating wounds, Yarrow has wonderful healing properties for wounds, and provides relief for soreness, patchy, itchy, or otherwise irritated skin.

Plantain, like marshmallow, is another antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that helps to speed healing from injury. In certain cases, it too can be used to relieve itch and pain, depending on the cause.

Rosemary is extremely vitamin-rich, with antioxidant properties. It stimulates circulation, and helps bring nourishment from subsurface layers to the skin’s surface.

Sage, another herb with a very long history, is more astringent. It won’t be good for every skin type, but it’s a great cleanser, tightening pores and stimulating the skin’s surface. For those with combination skin, it’s a great herbal tool.

Arnica is a very powerful herbal remedy for a variety of conditions. A topical pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, it improves blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. This latter property makes it especially useful for reducing fluid accumulation in joints and muscles.

Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t normally considered for its topical uses, but that oversight isn’t warranted. It helps to regulate the skin’s pH, restoring the protective acid mantle and removing excess oil.

For dryer skin, Sunflower Oil, with it’s high vitamin E content, decreases skin inflammation, regenerates damaged or aging skin cells, and moisturizes dry skin. Similarly, Avocado Oil, high in antioxidants and possessing strong anti-inflammatory properties helps keep skin taut, strong, smooth, and protected against certain kinds of environmental damage.

Also rich in vitamin E, Jojoba Oil has a chemical composition very similar to skin’s natural sebum, so it can help to regulate the production of oils. Lightweight compared to other oils, it easily penetrates the outer layers and is absorbed quickly into the skin.

Finally, Olive Oil, with plenty of vitamins A and E, helps to moisturize and ‘plump’ the skin. It also helps to relieve dry, itchy, inflamed, or irritated skin, while nourishing the outer layers.

Do You Need an Herbalist in San Francisco?

With these and other herbs, and the guidance of a trained herbalist like Ms. Audrey Dombroski, you’ll have all you need to develop a perfect skin care regimen no matter which skin condition you need to treat. Book an appointment today!

Audrey Dombroski Ms. Audrey Dombroski offers wellness consultations and supports individuals by addressing their unique physical constitution, physiological needs, and emotional and spiritual well-being.

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