Recently, the United States celebrated World School Milk Day to encourage children to think of milk as healthy and necessary for their growth. But the reality is that children and their parents are not told that dairy consumption increases the risk of health issues, from obesity to cancer and even emotional disorders.

Dr. Payal Bhandari, M.D. spoke in a Seed the Commons event in San Francisco and explained why milk is not the best option for our kids’ nutrition and how we can replace this food for another protein which the body can absorb.

In school, nutrition education is fairly  minuscule.  We are informed that all sources of protein are good for us, and the primary source of protein must come from an animal or fish. Protein from milk products are not properly absorbed by the body though.  When we consume a poorly absorbable substance such as dairy, our body tries to reject the toxin. The rejection may present with symptoms such as gastric reflux (a.k.a. heartburn) throat pain, nasal congestion, abdominal pain, headache, jaw clenching, anxiety, etc.

If we choose to ignore these symptoms as possibly related to what we just consumed, and continue to inject these toxic items, the consequence to our body become worse.  Disease can now set in. 

The food industry claims that drinking a glass of milk every day is good for us. For decades the industry has hired famous celebrities to promote milk consumption and increase the sales of dairy products.  The industry has also spent billions of dollars on educating health care practitioners and school systems on how important milk is in our daily diet. Milk is also embedded in most of the foods now considered American staple.  

Such as strong public message derived from so many sources creates a great deal of confusion for many people, especially children.  Although many children often feel ill after consuming dairy products, these children often begin to mistrust their own body’s message regarding what they have eaten and how their body soon feels.  We have now created a culture in the U.S. which does not connect how our body feels relative to the foods consumed. We are, instead, used to drinking milk without knowing the consequences to our stomach and the rest of the digestive system. 

What happens to your body when we drink milk?

When the body cannot digest dairy products properly and effectively absorb nutrients, the stomach’s integrity eventually becomes weaker. It eventually leads to the small and large intestines becoming compromised and causing inflammation within the gut to leak out to the rest of the body.   As the body becomes weaker, it continues searching for essential nutrients from other foods to maintain cell function.

Pathological disorders often set in years after frequently consuming dairy products.  The problem is physicians often misses the connection between the disorders and it is direct tie to dairy consumption, partially causing these diseases to become complicated over time. One of the most common pathologies related to dairy consumption seen in children is asthma and allergies. In adolescence, dairy consumption mixed with a high consumption of sugar, processed food, and other animal proteins leads to a lot of acne.  Physicians are often not making the connection between our diet and its direct impact on the body.

Extensive scientific studies have often demonstrated that many health issues would improve if dairy was removed from our diet.  For example, since the calcium in milk is not absorbable, the excess calcium level in the blood leads to dysregulation of other electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins in the body. In the short term, dairy will cause bone lengthening (i.e., increase in height) and rapid bone growth. In the long run, dairy consumption will also cause calcium to be pulled off the bones and hence, poor bone quality (a.k.a., brittle bones).

As the body cannot tolerate excessive calcium levels in the blood, the calcium will now deposit onto blood vessels and heart valves leading to calcification (i.e., vascular disease). It can also cause kidney stones and benign tumor growth.

The other concern with consuming dairy products today is the high level of arsenic poisoning and other toxin exposure derived from milk.  Today’s world has a high level of air pollution full of heavy metals and harmful chemicals settling into our soil and waterways.  Animals consume these harmful chemical from the grass they eat and the air they breathe. The toxin load is  extremely high in farm animals today, and directly correlates to the exponential development of tumors and other diseases in the animals. This pathology is then directly passed onto people consuming animal products. In the USA we do not properly regulate our animal food industry and have poor safety measures of what animal products are considered safe for human consumption.  Hence, people are left exposed and unprotected.

How can we clean our body from toxins?

When we cannot absorb nutrients from dairy, our body absorbs the toxins present instead. Toxins can be in our blood for at least eight and a half years, allowing the system to slowly fall apart.

The most effective way to clean toxins out of our body is by consuming lots of leafy green vegetables. It is also by doing less harm through consuming less toxic foods (i.e., sugar, caffeine, processed food, other animal products, fish, wheat, alcohol) which continue to weaken our immune system.

The world has changed and food is not as we see it.  Food is an industry. We have to be responsible for thinking about what is proper nutrition. Why are we promoting something in our educational system that hurts our children? We give our children milk, cheese, bread, and sugar as their daily staple, instead of focusing on fresh, healthy nutrition. Children are not told that greens, beans, mushrooms, and seeds are all excellent sources of calcium, and protein. Unlike milk, they also contain fiber and other health-boosting plant nutrients.

Working with an Integrative Primary Care Physician

Integrative medicine takes a look at the whole patient and uses a combination of conventional and alternative healthcare practices to treat each patient based on their unique lifestyle and physical makeup.

Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D., has created an innovative medical practice in San Francisco, CA which combines the best in conventional and complementary medicine, and personalized medicine to restore health effectively to patients. Contact her or book an appointment here and take control of your health!

Dr. Payal Bhandari Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. is a leading practitioner of integrative and functional medicine in San Francisco.

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