Immune Boosters to Fight Colds and Flu

Nothing dampens your mood more than getting the flu unexpectedly – especially before an important event or a deadline at work. Here are some great ideas to boost your immune system to prevent colds and the flu from surprising you.

Keep Your Nasal Passages Moist

Keep your nasal passages moist to avoid that stuffed-up feeling:

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Prevent the onslaught of a cold with these hygiene tips:

Immune Boosters in Your Diet

Adjust your diet to incorporate these immune boosting foods:

Avoid Foods That Hurt the Immune System

As much as the right foods in your diet are good for your immune system, certain foods can be harmful to it. Adjust your diet to cut out these foods:

Immune Boosting Habits

Certain practices can boost immunity to help you fight off a cold:

If All Else Fails – Take Supplements

Supplements are an excellent way to help boost your immune system. There are many immune booster supplements to choose from, but here is a list that will make it easier for you to decide:

Integrative Healthcare Solutions

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