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Advanced Health is now offering a wider range of diagnostic tests through a partnership with local provider Genova Diagnostics. This partnership is giving Advanced Health’s healthcare providers broader, and more effective, options to help our patients on their path to lifelong wellness. In our post today, we’ll be explaining some of those special tests to give you a better understanding of what they look for, and how they can help narrow down a diagnosis and inform your treatment options.

Special tests we order from Genova Diagnostics are as follows:


Adrenocortex Stress Profile

The Adrenocortex Stress Profile is a saliva test which checks cortisol levels over a 24 hour period  to assess appropriate and inappropriate stress hormone response inside of the body. Specifically, it assesses the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis, by sampling saliva between 7 and 9am to check for cortisol and DHEA.

Salivary testing like this is totally non-invasive, and highly effective at measuring unbound, biologically effective hormone levels. After the test, a report is provided with a graphic plotting the results of the cortisol awakening response (CAR) against the baseline of the natural diurnal rhythm.

The HPA axis can become imbalanced for any number of reasons, including chronic pain, daily hassles, blood sugar dysregulation, and work or relationship stress. The consequences of adrenal imbalances, while often nonspecific, can have a severe impact on a person’s quality of life. These consequences often include fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, gastrointestinal (GI) distress, depression, and chronic pain.

HPA dysfunction is also associated with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases, among many other ailments. An Adrenocortex Stress Profile can reveal these abnormalities, and provide direction for clinical intervention and treatment.

Treatment options might include nutritional changes, stress management techniques, and psychological counselling, behavioural modification, and lifestyle changes.


GI Effects Comprehensive Profile

The GI Effects Comprehensive Profile is a stool test that checks for microbiome and immune system integrity. The results are extremely useful for direct clinical assessment, and for the ongoing management of good GI health. This cutting-edge technology allows us to evaluate digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the overall health of the intestinal microbiome.

This test leverages a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect the DNA of the microbiota sampled in the test, looking for common parasites including:

Unlike other tests on the market, this one relies on live sampling and culturing of the various bacteria in the intestines for better results, comparing those samples against a massive database of hundreds of thousands of distinct profiles to inform a data-driven and evidence-based analysis.


Food Sensitivity Celiac Test

The Food Sensitivity Celiac Test is a blood test which checks for food sensitivities by measuring antibodies for 87 common foods. Adverse food reactions can present in a number of distressing ways, and without a test for specific antibodies it can be extremely difficult to narrow down which specific food is causing that reaction.

Conditions which can indicate a food sensitivity include IBS, depression, migraines, rashes and inflammatory reactions like eczema, aches and chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, Crohn’s disease, and obesity.

The chief advantage of a test for antibodies like this one over other food sensitivity testing methods is that a blood screening is able to catch the specific antibodies even after a delay, while other tests are less able to trace which food is causing a reaction if that reaction isn’t immediate.


NutrEval FMV

Genova’s NutrEval FMV tests check both blood and urine samples to better measure intracellular nutrient levels, pro- and anti-inflammatory fat levels, and intracellular heavy metal load. Its primary function is to look for nutrient deficiencies, to determine individualized supplementation needs for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (EFAs), amino acids, digestive support, and other nutrients.

As a diagnostic tool, NutrEval helps guide nutritional therapies, augmenting a patient’s recovery from any number of chronic conditions.

Genova’s complete screening includes:


<h1>Advanced Health provides specialized, comprehensive diagnostic tests through Genova Diagnostics</h1>

Advanced Health’s special diagnostic tests, provided through a partnership with Genova Diagnostics, are helping us to diagnose and treat our patients more precisely and more efficiently. These tests have already helped us treat patients with a variety of conditions, with a very high success rate.

Are you experiencing conditions like chronic pain, fatigue, GI distress, or other?

CONTACT US TODAY!  Let us help you get on the path to lifelong wellness.

Payal Bhandari M.D. Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. is one of U.S.'s top leading integrative functional medical physicians and the founder of San Francisco' top ranked medical center, SF Advanced Health. Her well-experienced holistic healthcare team collaborates together to deliver whole-person personalized care and combines the best in Western and Eastern medicine. By being an expert of cell function, Dr. Bhandari defines the root cause of illness and is able to subside any disease within weeks to months. She specializes in cancer prevention and reversal, digestive & autoimmune disorders. Dr. Bhandari received her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology in 1997 and Doctor of Medicine degree in 2001 from West Virginia University. She the completed her Family Medicine residency in 2004 from the University of Massachusetts and joined a family medicine practice in 2005 which was eventually nationally recognized as San Francisco’s 1st patient-centered medical home. To learn more, go to www.sfadvancedhealth.com.

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