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Uncovering a Hidden Disease with Advanced Diagnostic Tools

I want to tell you about a patient of mine who came in last year right around the time we started offering Thermography at SF Advanced Health. For patient confidentiality, this patient’s name will be “Clara”. 

“Clara” was a 48 year-old female who felt super nervous all the time. She was constantly on edge and alert. It was very clear to me that she had an overactive sympathetic nervous system. As you know, chronic stress is a killer. I’ve written about it extensively for your reference below:

“Clara” mentioned that her body felt like it was shutting down at times. She was also suffering from chronic nasal congestion, which interfered with her breathing. “Clara” had assumed she would always be badly congested.

I came to two immediate conclusions:  Overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system was directly tied to 1.) overworking her body, and 2.) not giving herself sufficient time to rest or meditate on thoughts and feelings. “Clara” also had a nutrient-poor diet which was further complicating her nervous system.  

“Clara” knew she was intolerant to gluten, egg, soy, dairy, and red meat. By avoiding these foods she added more caffeine, corn, poultry, and fish into her diet.  The problem was since most animal protein is often fed GMO crops (ie., corn, soy, wheat) which make the animals extremely ill, “Cara’s” body is constantly having an allergic reaction to many of the foods she ate. Since her body wasn’t feeling well, “Clara” consumed a great deal of caffeine to keep herself going. 


Initial Treatment Protocol

Recommendations “Clara” was given: 

  1. Increase hydration and mindfulness while drinking and eating
    1. Upon awakening, “Clara” needed to drink 3-4 glasses of warm water while just focusing on slow deep nasal breathing. 
    2. Throughout the day drink 4 liters of water at specific intervals (i.e., 20+ minutes before and after meals, but not during meals)
    3. For “Clara” hydration and nourishment of cells should be optimized by preparing Integrative Therapeutics’ Physician’s Elemental powder drink (¼ scoop with a tiny pinch of colored salt, ¼ - ½  tsp turmeric spice, magnesium citrate powder 1⁄4 tsp) in 16 oz water. This allowed her to stop all her individual supplements.  
    4. Have fresh green smoothie daily
    5. Avoid other dehydrating drinks (ie., coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol) + cold beverages. 
  2. Focus on consuming nutrient-dense foods which are predominantly grown from the Earth, especially close to the ground. This translates to lots of vegetables with a small side of ancient whole grains, small beans, mushrooms, and small servings of fruit. 
  3. Try to fast most nights for 14 to 16 hours for critical gut rest.  
  4. Evening Protocol 
    1. Get away from the belief that you must finish “everything” before you can go to sleep. Relax with some Chamomile or Valerian tea mixed with Magnesium citrate powder a few hours before bed.  Try to then avoid electronics and head to bed when still alert. Give body time to unwind and get ready to rest. 
    2. For “Clara” I recommended Integrative Therepeutics’ Cortisol Manager 2 tablets to take at the start of evening, and possibly repeat if having trouble falling asleep. 

By following the recommendations above “Clara’s” allergies and breathing dramatically improved. She began feeling more confident, calmer, and energized.  “Clara” was inspired to periodically do a 24 hour liquid fast so that her gut could rest and focus predominantly on detoxification and healing. 


Thermography Findings

After hearing about Thermography, “Clara” decided to dig deeper and get more information about what exactly was going on inside of her body.  The scan results were alarming since it showed a high level of inflammation around “Clara's” teeth. “Clara” immediately saw her dentist who discovered a crack in an implanted tooth. Follow-up dental imaging showed the bone around this cracked tooth had completely decayed from an overgrowth of bad bacteria. “Clara” was immediately scheduled for dental surgery and started on antibiotics. “Clara” never experienced any tooth pain with these findings nor fever.

Thankfully, “Clara’s” Thermography scan showed no other significant abnormalities around the breasts, carotid arteries, heart, lungs, and kidneys. We were able to catch early-stage tooth decay and not wait for a full-blown diagnosis of periodontal disease. This saved “Clara” thousands of dollars plus immense pain and suffering.

“Clara’s”  Thermography scan picked up on how chronic stress had manifested in her body.  A high level of muscle tension was seen throughout the body. It had led to poor posture and nerves getting pinched in the upper arms.   The constant wear-and-tear driven by “Clara” accelerating the aging process had led to degenerative joints in the back and lower extremities. 

High levels of chronic stress causes the blood to become acidic.  Calcium will often be pulled off of the bones in order to neutralize the blood pH. It eventually causes destabilization of bony structures and surrounding joints.  The excess calcium in the bloodstream eventually becomes toxic for the body.

This critical information is what the Thermography scan picked up on “Clara” and why it is such a powerful diagnostic tool.

“Clara” continues to make great strides to get her life back. The treatment plan from me is simple:  Focus on saying “YES” to me. Invest in self-care through working smart, not hard. Give yourself time to rest, detoxify, and heal every day.  

I am continually amazed at how early we are able to detect our patients’ various health conditions through Thermography.  


Dr. Bhandari and the Advanced Health Team Are Here to Support Your Health.


Our expert team of integrative holistic practitioners take the best care of our patients and help them reverse their chronic condition. We understand how the body optimally functions and provide patients personalized treatment plan.  To learn more and book an appointment, contact Advanced Health or call 1-415-506-9393.


Payal Bhandari M.D. Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. is one of U.S.'s top leading integrative functional medical physicians and the founder of San Francisco' top ranked medical center, SF Advanced Health. Her well-experienced holistic healthcare team collaborates together to deliver whole-person personalized care and combines the best in Western and Eastern medicine. By being an expert of cell function, Dr. Bhandari defines the root cause of illness and is able to subside any disease within weeks to months. She specializes in cancer prevention and reversal, digestive & autoimmune disorders. Dr. Bhandari received her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology in 1997 and Doctor of Medicine degree in 2001 from West Virginia University. She the completed her Family Medicine residency in 2004 from the University of Massachusetts and joined a family medicine practice in 2005 which was eventually nationally recognized as San Francisco’s 1st patient-centered medical home. To learn more, go to

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