We need to own future healthcare changes

On April 22nd, I had the opportunity to join the San Francisco Medical Society in Sacramento for Lobby Day. We effectively advocated to our state legislators to support some important health care bills currently on the ballot.

I spoke to Senator Mark Leno and Assembly Member Phil Ting on a wide range of issues, including mandating warning labels on sodas and other sugary beverages. My hope is that by increasing awareness to consumers on the extensive harm caused by sugary drinks, we will eventually decrease its consumption, which will in turn improve our state’s obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Group Photo

By taking time out of our busy schedules and meeting with our state legislators, health care providers can directly impact health care policies. Each one of us can make a difference.

In my practice, I focus on empowering individuals to reach their health goals. I strive to make a meaningful difference in every interaction – whether it be with patients or policy makers.

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Dr. Payal Bhandari Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. is a leading practitioner of integrative and functional medicine in San Francisco.

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