What is Holistic Nutrition?

What is Holistic Nutrition?

“Carving out space for nourishment each day is a meditation on abundance and attunement rather than scarcity and deprivation.”

- Nicole Bianchi, Integrative Nutritionist


Holistic nutrition is a philosophy that recognizes health is multidimensional, comprising the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. In daily life, health is the expression of a dynamic exchange between night and day, routine and play, cooking and eating, movement and stillness, beliefs and mindsets, attunement and intuition, as well as connection with others and alignment with a greater good.

Holistic nutrition honors your unique body and innate wisdom. It acknowledges that nourishment comes in many forms; food is only one of them. And it encourages one baby step at a time, recognizing that change to one dimension of our health affects everything else.

Nicole Bianche, our integrative nutritionist, works collaboratively with you to establish a diverse set of mini habits that are tailored to your needs and allow you to approach health from this inside-out, whole-person perspective. Along the way, you’ll discover what holistic nutrition means to you by gaining an intimate understanding of the foods, meal patterns, thoughts, and rituals that either energize or deplete you.

Nicole does not diagnose disease, nutritional deficiencies, or apply medical nutrition therapy for treatment. Her scope of practice is to diagnose obstacles to health present in habits, daily routine, nutrition misconceptions, and limited beliefs. She provides education, tools, and strategies to make nourishment accessible in daily life. And she guides the formation of sustainable food and lifestyle habits. Within this framework, clients seek her support to:

A value central to Nicole’s work is reinforcing the good rather than restricting the bad. Carving out space for nourishment each day is a meditation on abundance and attunement rather than scarcity and deprivation. This value is infused into your coaching sessions with Katie where you might discuss the following topics and form action steps around them for home practice:

The diversity of Katie’s client base has given her insight for essential steps, regardless of life’s events and pressures, to feeling good in and about your body. In your work with Nicole, you’ll be guided to a deeper awareness of your body so you can source a greater sense of energy, inner peace, and self-trust, allowing you to maintain over the long term the good habits you establish in the kitchen and beyond.


Improve Your Health with Advanced Health

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Nicole Bianchi, N.C. Nicole Bianchi, N.C. is a certified nutritionist who helps clients strategically develop food plans for themselves and their families according to their individual needs, situations, health challenges and preferences.

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