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How is the care at Advanced Health different than at other offices?

Advanced Health is an innovative medical practice which provides highly personalized, comprehensive care in a high tech medical environment. The founder, Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. practices integrative and functional medicine which focuses on attending to all aspects of an individual’s life in order to understand the root cause of all ailments. We create personalized treatments that embrace the best scientifically proven strategies in conventional and complimentary medicine in order to restore health effectively. 

Our vision is proactive and progressive. By knowing how to transform illness into wellness and giving patients 24×7 direct physician access plus same day 30 to 60 minute appointments, quality of health is restored. In the long run, patients are saving time and money since fewer office visits, diagnostic testing, procedures, and prescription medications are required, and their health is now restored.


If I am not able to come into the office can I still receive medical care?

Absolutely! Advanced Health uses technology to stay closely connected with you. Between phone calls, email, texting, and videoconferencing, you have 24×7 direct access to Dr. Bhandari.


Can I obtain a perscription over the phone?

Yes, medication refills for non-controlled medications (i.e., non-narcotics or non-stimulants) can be prescribed over the phone and electronically to your pharmacy for established patients. By California law, an initial office visit is required before medications can be prescribed or refilled for new patients.


Can I have perscriptions sent to my pharmacy?

Yes. Prescriptions can be electronically sent to your pharmacy so that the medications are ready when you arrive at the pharmacy. By California state law, a paper copy prescription is required for controlled medications (i.e., narcotics, stimulants).


Can you make referrals to specialists?

Yes. We arrange expedited consultations and coordinate care with top specialists in all fields.


Can laboratory tests be done during the office visit?

Yes. Many tests can be done in the office. Some of these tests include the following:

  • Acute Bacterial & Viral Infections in the blood, urine, skin, and 
    digestive tract 
  • Allergy Testing 
  • Extensive heart testing (i.e., cholesterol, pro-inflammatory & 
    anti-inflammatory fats) 
  • Genetic Testing 
  • Heavy metal and pesticide exposure 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Stool studies to look at gut infections and the microbiome 
  • Pap smears to screen for cervical cancer 
  • Pregnancy test 
  • Thermography to look for cancer, blood circulation, and lympathic 

Blood draws will be arranged at your laboratory of choice. You will be 
notify of the results promptly.


Do you have secure electronic medical records (EMR)?

Yes! Our EMR, Elation, has a secure patient portal which allows Dr. Bhandari to communicate with patients via email.  They also have their complete medical chart, along with obtaining prescription refill requests through the EMR portal. 

What if hospitalization is necessary?

Dr. Bhandari has privileges at one of the Bay Area’s finest hospitals, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). If hospitalization is necessary, she will maintain direct contact with your hospital team and continue to provide optimal care to ensure your comfort and expedited healing.


If I am not able to come into the office or have an emergency, what should I do? 

Advanced Health uses technology to stay closely connected with you. Between phone calls, email, texting, and video conferencing, you have 24×7 direct access to Dr. Bhandari. 

If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately followed by calling our office so we can assist you during your emergency.  

“What I want for my patients is what I want for my family- a physician who listens to my goals, concerns, and fears and addresses them all in a kind and compassionate way.  I want to know what holistic therapies are available to treat my children, my husband, and myself before I take prescription medicine. I want a doctor who believes in the body’s intrinsic ability to heal.  I want a doctor who courageously seeks to discover the root causes of my ailments when they are unclear. I want a doctor who collaborates with me to achieve and maintain my highest health potential.”

- Payal Bhandari M.D.

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