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We comprehend the value and critical importance of your privacy.  We are determined to maintain your confidential medical information through our secure electronic medical records and communicating with other providers in order to (1) provide quality medical care, (2) obtain payment for services provided, and (3) reach our legal and professional obligations to run web socket secure (WSS) efficiently and properly. We are mandated by the law to upkeep the privacy of critically protected health data/information and to give people notice of our legal responsibilities and privacy practices, with regards to protected healthcare data/information. This notice describes in detail how we may utilize and disclose medical data/information you provide to us. This notice also explains your rights and our legal obligations, with regards to your medical data/information. If any questions arise from reading this Notice, please reach out to the Office Manager.

A. How Systems Medicine May Use and/or Disclose Your Health Information

Systems Medicine gathers health data/information on you and saves it in a protected electronic chart. This medical chart, and the information contained within, is the property of Systems Medicine, albeit the data/information in the medical chart belongs to you. Hence, the law denies us to use and/or disclose your personal health data/information for the following reasons:

1. Treatments. We utilize your provided medical data/information to establish a framework for your personalized care. Sometimes we disclose medical data/information to only our employees and anyone who is directly involved with providing your healthcare. As an example, we may share and/or disclose your medical data/information with healthcare physicians or other practitioners who can further provide services which we do not.

2. Health Care Operations. We may use and/or disclose medical data/information about you to operate Systems Medicine. For instance, we may use and/or disclose this data/information to (1) assess and enhance the quality of care provided to you, (2) educate and train our staff, or (3) obtain your healthcare plan to authorize services and/or appropriate referrals. Similarly, your data/information is sometimes necessary for generating medical reviews, legal services and/or audits, including, but not limited to, fraud and abuse detection and compliance program(s), business planning, and management. Your medical data/information may be shared with our professional associates who conduct administrative tasks for us; rest assured, we have strict written contracts with each and every one of these professional associates, which contain terms mandating them to protect and secure the confidential nature of your medical data/information. While federal law does not protect health data/information that is disclosed to someone other than another practitioner or healthcare provider, healthcare plan or clearinghouse, under California law, recipients of healthcare data/information are strictly prohibited from disclosing it again, except in cases specifically required and/or permitted by law. We may disclose your data/information with other healthcare practitioners, healthcare clearinghouses, or health plans which are related to you, particularly when they request and/or require this data/information to (1) assist them with quality assessment and enhancement activities, (2) help their efforts to improve health and/or reduce health care costs, (3) review competence, (4) assess qualifications and performance of healthcare professionals, their training programs, accreditation, certification, licensing activities, or healthcare fraud and abuse detection and compliance efforts.

4. Appointment Reminder. We may use and/or share your medical data/information to contact you, reminding you about future appointments. If we cannot get ahold of you, we will leave a message with some information about your appointment on your answering machine; we may leave a message with the person answering the phone; or we may send you a postcard reminder. Please inform us if you have a specific way for communicating appointment reminders.

5. Sign-in Sheet. We may use and/or disclose your medical data/information by having you sign the sign-in sheet when you arrive at our clinic for appointments or office-related events. We will call out your name when we are ready to see you for your appointment. If you would not like to sign-in or have your name called out, please communicate this to the Office Manager.

6. Communication and Notification of Family. We may use and/or disclose your information to contact (or assist in contacting) family members, a personal representative, or any other person(s) responsible for your healthcare, location, general condition, or, although unlikely, in the event of your death. In the event of a disaster, similarly, we may use and/or disclose your data/information to a relief organization (so that they can coordinate further notification efforts).

7. Marketing. We may reach out to inform you about our clinic’s latest products or services related to your (1) treatment, (2) case management, (3) care coordination, or (4) to direct and/or recommend additional treatments or health-related benefits/services that may be of certain interest to you; moreover, we may provide small gifts from time to time. You may opt out at any time. At the clinic, we may also advise or encourage the purchase of a product or service when we see you. However, we would not use or disclose your medical data/information without your written permission. 

8. Necessitated by Law. As necessitated


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