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Echo Neurotherapy provides Low Energy Neurofeedback Technology (LENS Neurofeedback®) combined with positive psychology for adults, teens, and children. This advanced non-invasive and safe technology has been extensively researched and shown to demonstrate remarkable efficacy for a variety of different conditions. To learn more about the science of this non-invasive safe technology, go to

Endorsed by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and FDA certified for ISNR guidelines, LENS Neurofeedback uses a highly calibrated micro electromagnetic field to rebuild and reset brain functions. Although it is not a specific treatment for any single condition, LENS has been clearly shown in extensive research studies to improve cognitive and peripheral nervous system functioning by working with the natural development of brain cells and its neural pathways. By better supporting the parasympathetic nervous system, it eventually leads to increased cellular regeneration, improved organ functioning by going directly to addressing the root cause of disease.

As Chief Medical Officer of Echo Neurotherapy since 1986, Grant Rudolph MA, LMFT has provided comprehensive neurotherapy treatment for patients suffering from an extensive array of cognitive disabilities, behavioral and physiological conditions ranging from brain fog, negative mood shifts (i.e., anxiety, PTSD, irritability), learning disorders (i.e., ADHD, dyslexia, ADD, reading challenges), memory loss/confusion, procrastination, communication issues, or chronic fatigue. Grant's expertise and experience stems from having attended Yale University and subsequently serving as a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies along with being a founding member of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County. Grant has been recognized as an international thought leader in neurofeedback evoked mindfulness.

Through standard protocols dictated by AACAP, Grant and his well-experienced team of neurophysiology specialists utilize LENS Neurofeedback to drive dramatic shifts in recalibrating the nervous system for optimal functioning. The profound impact patients consistently experience often helps them wean off of or lessen the dosage of their pharmaceutical medications.

During the first session, the therapist will attach sensors to the patient's head and record their brainwaves in the form of an electroencephalogram (EEG). For a few seconds, LENS will immediately send faint electromagnetic impulses from the brain to the specific organs holding the strongest percentage of negative emotions within the body. Please note, the information signal received by LENS is far weaker than the electromagnetic field generated from a wrist watch. By reorganizing these dysfunctional brain patterns, LENS creates profound shifts in the body's neural pathways and helps promote optimal cognitive and physical functioning.

Typically during the first session, 86% of patients often find themselves feeling relaxed and calm with a heightened sense of mental clarity and emotional resilience that parallels the benefits gained from traditional meditation methods. This positive state of cognitive function often allows many patients to let go of "sticky" emotions (i.e., worrying, malice, fear, desiring) they have been struggling with for a long time. Patients tend to immediately report feeling more energetically balanced, freed from shifting away from extreme emotional and/or behavioral states. This heightened sense of awareness, clarity, energy, joy, calm, focus, and contentment suddenly gained allows many to be able to be fully present in their day-to-day activities.

In over a million LENS sessions conducted by Echo Neurotherapy, no significant side effects have ever been reported by patients. Because the brain responds to LENS by reorganizing itself relative to the baseline dysfunction present, patients often gain a renewed awareness of existing symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, stress, or light-headedness that they historically were not aware of prior to receiving LENS Neurofeedback. The good news is these short-term negative feelings often tend to correct themselves within 24 to 48 hours post-treatment.

Echo Neurotherapy's areas of expertise includes:

  • Childhood and adult ADD and ADHD
  • Learning disorders (i.e., difficulty reading), Autism, Dyslexia
  • Behavioral problems (i.e., anxiety, PTSD, anger, phobias, OCD, depression, body image dysmorphia, eating disorders)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, including anyone who has ever hit their head -- even slightly, played sports, was in a car accident, or had a prolonged/difficult birth
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis/decreasing brain inflammation
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog/disorganized thought and dementia
  • Cognitive support after chemotherapy, COVID infection or post-vaccination
  • Cardiovascular disease/Raynaud's (cold hands and feet) and other circulation issues.

For prevention and wellness, consider Echo Neurotherapy and LENS Neurofeedback for:

  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Sleep enhancement
  • Optimize brain function
  • Stress reduction

To learn more about Echo Neurotherapy and to book an appointment, go to or call (415) 326-5000. 


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