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Katie Schmidt, MPH

Behavioral Food Therapist in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Katie Schmidt

Kate Schmidt


Katie Schmidt, MPH

Behavioral Food Therapist


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Katie is a Behavioral Food Therapist. She helps her clients cultivate a healthy non-diet relationship to food and body. Training in behavior change theory, social epidemiology, nutrition coaching, mindfulness, and intuitive eating counseling allows Katie to offer a unique set of practical tools to improve not only food and lifestyle choices, but also the emotional awareness and resiliency that inform those choices.

Katie uses a coaching model to help her clients gradually take small, manageable steps to form nourishing practices in and out of the kitchen. Clients who benefit from working with Katie are looking for a deep-dive partnership and therapeutic alliance to support them in gradually shifting mindsets and behavior related to a mindless, dysfunctional, or otherwise negative relationship to food and body.

Common topics discussed:

  • Intuitive eating strategies
  • Digestion and the mind-body connection
  • Overcoming diet mentality and emotional eating
  • Recipes, cooking formulas, and meal planning strategies
  • Non-diet nutrition education for energy, gut health, and cognitive function
  • Resetting and forming habits to sustain for years

Katie moved to the Bay Area in 2018 after living and working in Europe for six years. She has coached clients in three countries with over 12 nationalities. The diversity of her client base and experience gives her insight for essential steps, regardless of life’s events and pressures, to feel good in and about the body, and enjoy the pleasures of food; free from worry and preoccupation.

Katie holds a BA in Health Education and Spanish from UT Austin, a MPH in Epidemiology from Emory University, and a certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Katie worked in statistical research for a health care system before pivoting in 2012 to work full-time in health counseling.




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