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Melissa Viloria, F.N.P.-C.

Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner and IV Infusionist located in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA


Melissa Viloria FNP-C

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Melissa is an integrative nurse practitioner specializing in IV infusions to enhance wellness at a cellular level. She takes her twelve years of intensive care hospital care experience to now focus on enhancing the physical and mental well-being of patients and preventing disease.

Born in the Bay Area, Melissa began her nursing career at UCLA hospital’s medical intensive care unit in 2009. After eight years she transitioned to Kaiser Redwood City’s stroke unit in 2017. Melissa later pursued a graduate degree in Nursing and Public Health to expand her knowledge of disease management outside of the hospital, and became a Family Nurse Practitioner at UCSF.

With a passion in Integrative and Complementary Medicine, Melissa realizes that healthcare requires individualization, time, and genuine human interactions. She understands on a deep level that we must embrace the mind, body and spirit, and not just the physical body as conventional medicine tends to do to effectively treat and prevent disease. By knowing precisely how to bring forward the unconscious mind to full awareness, Melissa is able to define the root cause of disease and customize treatment accordingly. She utilizes a multitude of diagnostic modalities to determine deficiencies. For example, NAD+ IV infusions are an effective way to enhance mitochondrial health as well as specially formulated IV vitamin, mineral and antioxidant infusions for better cellular energy metabolism, hydration, detoxification, muscle recovery, and immunity.

When cells work better, a person feels better and health outcomes automatically improve. Melissa takes the time to know her patients and starts the collaborative conversation to achieve their wellness goals. Only then can illness truly be transformed into wellness.

Melissa is excited to connect and guide you to achieving your goals and step into being your best self. To learn more and schedule a free initial consultation, contact Melissa at (650) 910- SFIV (7348), email or go to . Membership for monthly infusions of your choice as well as Post-Covid Recovery and NAD+ Infusion Packages are available.



● University of California San Francisco, Advanced Practice in Nursing with focus in Integrative and Complementary Medicine.

● Grand Canyon University, Master of Science in Nursing with emphasis in Public Health

● Mount Saint Mary’s University Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Minor in French