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Numerous scientific research have consistently proven acupuncture, massage, and restorative yoga are one of the most viable and effective complementary methods for optimizing wellness and healing. Age-old Chinese wisdom views the physical body as a collection of energetic fields. When in a healthy state, the body’s energy flows optimally. When in a disease-ridden state, energy is blocked within the body. At Advanced Health, our team of acupuncturists and herbalists, sports medicine specialist Andrew Castellanos, 5-Elements specialist Dr. Jung Kim, and women’s health and infertility specialist Liuhong Xu treat the entire body as a whole unit and promote healthy energy flow. Book an Appointment today to help understand the root cause of your symptoms, unblock the underlying congestion, and optimize energy flow.


Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Medicine

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Pain Relief (i.e., Back, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Injuries)

The careful and exact placement of acupuncture needles near specific nerves have a wonderful pain-reductive effect. Restorative yoga helps decrease spinal tension and an overstimulated nervous system. It causes endorphins to be released which directly causes the body and mind to relax. The cycle of recurring pain can now be broken, and healing can start to occur.

Sleep Quality Improvement

Acupuncture and massage therapy improve the body's natural ability to produce more melatonin. Melatonin is a critical hormone which helps push food down the alimentary canal, allow for optimal digestion, absorption and utilization of essential nutrients from ingested food, supports the immune system, and regulates the sleep-wake cycles. Today, largely thanks to our modern lifestyle, excess electronic exposure, light pollution, and poor sleep habits, melatonin is often in a major deficit. Sleep problems often occur with associated daytime fatigue and eventual decline in immune health. Eventually, the chronicity of the issue leads to chronic diseases.

Acupuncture and massage therapy effectively help restore your natural ability to produce melatonin and hence, improve sleep quality.

Immune System Support

Our 21st century way of living challenges the immune system perhaps more than ever before. Since the immune system is our first line of bodily defense, its effective and optimal functioning is crucial. Acupuncture not only strengthens the immune system to fight back infections and other harmful threats to the organism, but it speeds up healing time as well. Another function of acupuncture is to balance the immune function that, when overactive, could lead to the development of various autoimmune diseases.

Energy Boost

Whether you are in need of a physical or mental energy boost to combat fatigue, acupuncture and restorative yoga can offer tremendous benefits in fighting off exhaustion or brain fog. By thoroughly balancing the body's energetic field, an optimal set-point can be reached and all organs can function correctly. As a result, you can experience a state of ease that allows for better quality of rest and becoming pain-free. Stimulating the appropriate neural pathways leads to increased physical stamina and capacity for clear and productive thinking.

Blood Pressure Control

When applying acupuncture to help healthy heart function and blood flow, this ancient medical practice can nearly outperform many pharmaceutical drugs with many unwanted side effects. With regular treatment, the optimal working of the cardiovascular system can be achieved, which leads to lowered blood pressure, greater heart muscle effectiveness, and an overall sense of cardiac fitness.

Allergy Reduction

Regular acupuncture sessions are very capable of fighting seasonal and other common types of allergies. Boosting our bodies' natural immunity and self-healing abilities, allergens are less likely to wreak havoc, and the frequency of attacks can be greatly diminished, as well. Acupuncture also treats the symptoms of allergies, such as a runny nose, puffy eyes, or scratchy throat, very effectively.

Digestive Support

By supporting the healthy functioning of the digestive system and its organs, as well as the rebalancing of the potentially faulty energetic fields, acupuncture can treat virtually all

problems of the digestive system. Whether it be acute gastrointestinal problems, or severe manifestations of long-term ongoing issues that have not been addressed properly, such as gallstones, Crohn's Disease, or inflammatory bowel disease, acupuncture can help.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can bring the hormones back into balance in accordance with a woman’s menstrual cycle through regulating the Chong &Ren meridians and optimizing liver, kidney, heart, and spleen function in order to rebuild a normal cycle.

If you are experiencing issues with mobility, pain, women’s health or digestive disorders, and/or affected by stress, book an appointment with our licensed acupuncturists, Andrew Castellanos, L.Ac., Liuhong Xu, L.Ac, and Dr. Jung Kim DAOM, LAc.