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Echo Neurotherapy -- Better Brain Balance with LENS Biofeedback

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Echo Neurotherapy, LENS Biofeedback



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Echo Neurotherapy and Low Energy Neurofeedback Technology (LENS Neurofeedback®) decreases stress and inflammation in the brain and restores its normal functioning. It is ideal for mood and behavioral conditions, head injuries, psychological and physical trauma, recovery post concussion, and for neurological disorders such as MS, brain fog, learning disorders, and memory loss -- basically any symptom linked to disordered brain functioning.

Adults, teens, and children can benefit from the safe and effective application of the Low Energy Neurofeedback technology (LENS Neurofeedback®) endorsed by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and FDA certified. This advanced non-invasive technology uses a highly calibrated micro electromagnetic field to reset and rebuild a person’s brain function by inducing neuroregeneration, it leads to the natural abandonment of dysfunctional thought patterns and the development of positive neural pathways throughout the body. Because of the dramatic shifts noted in recalibrating the nervous system for optimal functioning., LENS enhances cell regeneration and optimal functioning of diseased organs. Over a million LENS sessions have been performed worldwide confirming its effectiveness and safety profile. To learn more about this science, go to

Established in 1986 Echo Neurotherapy’s Chief Medical Officer Grant Rudolph MA, LMFT and his well-experienced team of neurophysiology specialists have performed over 20,000 LENS sessions utilizing standard protocols dictated by the AACAP. Patients often notice a dramatic decrease in their internal stress and negative thought patterns often allowing most to eventually wean off of or lessen any of their pharmaceutical drugs' usage. 

During treatment sessions, no direct engagement is required of the patient other than sitting comfortably in a chair. The neurophysiology specialist attaches four sensors to the patient's head to reflect their low energy EEG (electroencephalograph) brain signals to the computer. For a few seconds, LENS sends faint electromagnetic impulses from the brain to the dysfunctional organ which allow the immediate abandonment of obsolete brain patterns no longer useful for the patient. The process is similar to rebooting an overloaded computer constantly running too many programs at the same time. Please note, this information signal is far weaker than the electromagnetic field generated from a wrist watch. 

By restoring the brain’s natural regenerative properties, LENS drives profound shifts in the body's neural pathways and helps promote optimal cognitive and physical functioning. Typically after the first session, 86% of patients often feel relaxed with a heightened sense of mental clarity and emotional resilience which parallels the benefits scientifically seen with traditional meditation methods. Letting go of "sticky" emotions such as excessive worry, anxiety, malice, and fear becomes much easier to do. There is often a heightened sense of awareness, clarity, energy, joy, calm, focus, and contentment gained which allows patients to feel more present in their day-to-day activities.

Because LENS reorganizes the brain's wiring relative to their baseline dysfunction, patients often notice a renewed awareness of existing baseline symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, excessive stress, or light-headedness they hadn't been aware of prior to receiving LENS Neurofeedback. The good news is these symptoms often only last for 24 to 48 hours after the first session and become quickly abated. 

Echo Neurotherapy's areas of expertise includes:

  • Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Autism
  • Behavioral problems (i.e., PTSD, anger management issues, phobias, OCD, body dysmorphia, eating disorders)
  • Brain fog; memory, attention, procrastination, communication issues; cognitive decline (i.e., dementia)
  • Brain Injury -- includes anyone who’s ever been hit in the head, even slightly, played contact sports, in a car accident, or had a prolonged/difficult birth
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Brain inflammation in i.e, cancer treatment, post-statin and COVID vaccination, MS
  • Learning disorders (i.e., dyslexia)
  • Migraines

For prevention and wellness, consider Echo Neurotherapy for:

  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Sleep enhancement
  • Optimize brain function
  • Stress reduction

To learn more about Echo Neurotherapy and to book an appointment, go to or call (415) 326-5000.


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