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Integrative oncology optimizes the function of the entire body during cancer treatment, enhancing immune function and altering the body’s microenvironment while discouraging cancer growth. It is paramount to address health on all levels including the physical, emotional and energetic during and after cancer treatment. Dr. Payal Bhandari, M.D., SF Advanced Health’s senior integrative functional medicine physician who specializes in Integrative Oncology supports, educates and empowers her patients to become actively involved in their cancer journey. She addresses the root cause of your cancer on a cellular level and formulates personalized treatment plans utilizing a combination of evidence-based complementary therapies for all phases of your oncological treatment.

Integrative Oncology Support


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Cancer treatment causes a lot of stress and damage to an already weak body. Conventional cancer treatment unfortunately does not focus on the root cause of why the cancer has occurred in the first place and utilizes tools plagued with severe, sometimes lethal side effects such as extreme fatigue, depression, loss of muscle mass and strength, neuropathy, memory and cognitive complications, compromised immune system, hormone alterations, hair loss, and osteoporosis to name just a few.
Integrative oncology is based on better understanding cancer on a cellular level and making sure every vital organ is able to work in harmony. By figuring out how to strengthen the immune system while respecting the mind, body, and spirit of a person suffering from cancer, Dr. Payal Bhandari, M.D. formulates personalized treatment plans to jumpstart the body into moving from illness to wellness.

Extensive long-term scientific research studies have consistently shown that integrative oncology is essential for both mitigating the side effects of conventional cancer treatment

and improving the overall outcomes of both reversing and preventing cancer. By utilizing time-tested, scientifically-proven evidence-based Eastern and Western Medicine, Dr. Bhandari and her holistic medical team at SF Advanced Health has been able to consistently improve the quality of healthcare experience for hundreds of cancer patients by better supporting them on their healing journey.

Our collaborative team works closely together to help patients prevent and begin reversing early to moderate-stage cancers and mitigate the harmful side effects from conventional cancer treatment. Some of the integrated natural treatment plans include:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Optimization of vitamin, supplements, hormones, and other immune-boosters
  • Manual osteopathy to optimize proper organ movement and function
  • Rebalancing the nervous system through LENS Biofeedback
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Improve lymphatic drainage through Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Learn more about Integrative Cancer Prevention and Reversal at SF Advanced Health and our Cancer Specialist Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D.