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“Western science assumes that damage to the nervous system is permanent. After seeing so many people suffer with a neurological disease modern medicine couldn’t resolve, I became determined to prove that assumption wrong.” -Payal Bhandari, MD

Neurological Recovery


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In Western medicine, neurodegenerative diseases are being diagnosed at all ages, but poorly managed with no focus on healing or reversing the illness. Instead, patients are expected to “embrace” their diagnosis like it's a part of their identity and to accept living with its debilitating symptoms caused by cells dying at rapid speed. Sadly enough, no emphasis or education is provided on how to turn their prognosis and be cured. 

When patients suffering from a chronic neurological disorder such as seizures, migraines, tinnitus, vertigo, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or cognitive decline meet with Dr. Payal Bhandari for an initial consultation, she will take a thorough intake of their history, physical exam and analyze all diagnostic tests previously done. Using these findings, state of the art testing, and energetic diagnostics, Dr. Bhandari works to uncover underlying factors that contributed to the development of these diseases and customize a treatment plan personalized to the individual. 

Common underlying issues associated with neurodegeneration include: 

  • Dysbiosis -- major imbalance within the gut’s microbiome 
  • Environmental toxin overload with liver and kidney detox abnormalities
  • Inability to digest certain foods linked to triggering a hidden allergy
  • Excess cellular damage linked to mitochondrial suppression 
  • Overgrowth of mold in colon with mold toxicity 
  • Chronic Infections

After the underlying issues have been identified and eliminated, Dr. Bhandari turns her attention to healing the brain and peripheral nervous system. She works closely with her holistic medical team to devise the right treatment plan which will best support the patient’s recovery. To learn more, go to