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Advanced Health is the only center in the Bay Area to offer the latest in digital thermal imaging. We now use the latest thermography technology to detect inflammation, blood circulation, and cancer cells throughout the body. Thermography is a powerful adjunct diagnostic tool for digestive, neurological, and autoimmune disorders, neuropathies, stroke and heart disease assessment, psoriasis, and cancer detection. FDA-approved since 1957, thermography can easily detect the root cause of many chronic diseases 8 years earlier than any other diagnostic tests. CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY TO BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION.


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What is thermography?

 Thermography, also called digital thermal imaging, precisely detects inflammation emitted from cells when the mitochondria (a.k.a, powerhouse) cannot produce sufficient energy.  Excess heat and free radicals is instead emitted. This environment allows inflammation and cancer cells to easily multiply and grow rapidly. Since cancer cells grow fast and use more oxygen than healthy cells, there is increased blood circulation and metabolic changes in this area which cause an elevated skin temperature. Thermography can precisely detect inflammation and cancer cells since it identifies these small changes in skin temperature, leading to an earlier cancer diagnosis compared to traditional testing methods. Different chronic conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and psoriasis, produce high levels of heat and free radicals from specific areas of the body.  This heat damages cells and causes inflammation to gets out of control. Chronic disease has now set in.    Thermography uses infrared technology to detect these skin temperature changes which represent inflammation and the growth of cancer cells.  The results of a thermogram demonstrate a high-resolution digital image similar to a heat map whose colors represent different levels of inflammation across the skin surface.  

What conditions can thermography detect?

Thermography is a vital option for all patients who want to monitor their risk for cancer and other chronic health conditions. It is painless and risk-free unlike with mammogram and x-ray which are associated with radiation exposure, or with MRI and CT scan which often use contrast that can damage kidneys. For patients at risk for cancer, thermography is the most effective tool for detecting cancer cells 8 to 10 years prior to any other scan.  For example, thermography is a great option for women with dense breasts, breast implants, or before the age of 45 since mammography is associated with radiation exposure and misses cancers around the perimeter of the breast.    For those with chronic digestive problems such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), chronic constipation, or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), no other imaging study beside thermography can clearly demonstrate the level of inflammation within the digestive tract. Other diagnostic tests such as GI scopes, ultrasound, and CT scans can only detect anatomical changes once significant damage has already occurred.  For those with chronic skin disorders, such as psoriasis, diagnostic tools are often underutilized and only treated with topical anti-inflammatory medication.  Psoriasis plaques are raised areas of irritated scaly, itchy skin which develop from inflammation inside of the body and causes the temperature on the surface of the skin plaques to rise. This makes it possible to detect the underlying inflammation via thermography in psoriasis since these cases are highly affiliated with an increased risk for autoimmune disorders and cancer.   Thermography results can be compared on a year-by-year basis to help identify the potential presence of cancer early. 

1. Breast cancer detected by thermal imaging scan in Edinburgh (image attached)

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Is thermography testing right for me?

Thermal imaging is an opportunity to discover more about your health and your risk for serious diseases. Used as a part of your overall health care plan, thermography is a multi-faceted diagnostic approach for cancer, IBD, IBS, autoimmune Hashimoto’s, plaque psoriasis, and so much more. Thermography is an adjunct risk-free diagnostic tool used to compliment other mainstream diagnostic tests.  It is a powerful tool the team at Advanced Health uses to detect changes in the body as early as possible and start focusing on prevention.  Early detection makes diagnosis easier to treat and hence, more effective.  Click Book Now for Thermography 

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