Asthma & Allergies


Asthma and allergies are some of the most common chronic diseases affecting all ages. In fact, 5 million children living in the United States are affected by asthma and allergies, which leads them to missing out on sports, school, and other daily activities. It is important to know what triggers asthma and allergy symptoms since these problems can become chronic and persist into adulthood. They can also cause permanent changes in the respiratory tract, such as nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, and obstructive lung disease.

Asthma symptoms may include frequent dry coughing, whistling or wheezing sound when exhaling, shortness of breath, chest congestion or tightness, chest pain, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. Signs and symptoms of an asthma attack varies from person to person, and can get worse over time. 

Call our office today. We can help you figure out the underlying cause of your asthma or allergies.  By then creating a personalized treatment plan we can effectively reverse these inflammatory conditions.

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