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    "Dr. Bhandari was able to provide the correct diagnosis where 2 other specialists failed. My experience with her was one of the best. Highly recommend."

    Daniel C.
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    "I am so happy to have found Dr. Bhandari. She is a knowledgeable, kind and talented physician...The medical field needs more doctors like Dr. Bhandari."

    Serena T.
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    "Dr Bhandari spent considerable time with me to understand all symptoms with a very thorough and holistic approach...She clearly cares for her patients' well being."

    Michael S.
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    "What painkillers could not fix they fixed with a couple of acupuncture and chiropractic session. Amazing!!"

    Riccardo V.
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    "Dr Bhandari prescribed a large change in my diet and sleep rituals and I am thrilled to embark on a new path under her guidance."

    Sandy l.
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    "Dr. Bhandari is polished. Her practice is polished. She knew how to help me when others did not. I trust and respect her implicitly."

    Jennifer J.
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    "Dr. Bhandari is personable, compassionate, knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be proactive about their health."

    Juliet W.
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    "Dr. Bhandari's responsiveness to any inquiries or worries, and professionalism in patient service is first rate. I cannot recommend her enough!"

    Gracie W.


Advanced Health Integrative Functional Medical Center
2201 Webster Street
Pacific Heights

San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: 415-483-7080
Fax: 415-872-1140

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