How An Integrative Physician Can Help Treat Chronic Disease


The Integrative Approach to Chronic Disease

Most of us like to imagine what perfect, ideal health may look and feel like: sensing the rush of abundant energy as we go about our days, confident that we can do anything that we need to accomplish. We experience a zeal of being alive, clarity about things we wish to do with our time, deeply and effortlessly trusting that our bodies will intuitively support all of our endeavors each day of our lives.

When sudden and acute health problems arise, we may experience a temporary disruption of this beautiful balance, yet it doesn’t steal our sense of well-being and vitality for long periods of time. Soon we bounce back to our normal state of being, ready to continue our busy and activity-filled lives without permanent setback.

The appearance of a chronic disease, however, paints a vastly different picture: during the process of witnessing the transformation of our day-to-day routines and the loss of activities we’ve taken for granted, we may forget the natural feeling of ease that likely predominated our lives beforehand. Our bodies’ ideal balance is now drastically -and potentially permanently- altered.

What Is a Chronic Disease?

When a health condition persists longer than three months, it becomes chronic, requiring a personalized treatment plan and frequent care by a medical professional. Often, regardless of receiving therapy, complete healing is not possible, thus an ongoing, life-altering ailment begins, demanding the patient to radically adjust their daily routines, hobbies, and even career.

Chronic diseases are incredibly common, affecting a staggering 50% of the adult population of our country, and our youth is not faring much better either: approximately 1 in 5 American children are now impacted by various chronic health conditions as well. As we age, chronic diseases become even more common, leading to over 80% of the elderly population being permanently ill.

Some of the more common chronic diseases are:

The Role of Integrative Medicine in Chronic Disease Management

The number of people affected by chronic diseases is sobering and tragic, especially in the light of the fact that conventional medicine is often helpless in the face of this growing, frightening, and costly epidemic. Medication-only treatment — commonly used in mainstream medical practices — may offer relief, yet treating symptoms alone, especially in the case of complex, often interconnected diseases, is not the most effective way to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care to restore their sense of well-being.

Integrative medicine offers a different approach.The patient is viewed holistically, realizing that the effect of one disease may reach far beyond the affected organ, creating a systemic imbalance within the body. With the help of various complementary therapies that support the mind, body, and spirit, integrative healthcare works in sync with our bodies' innate self-healing wisdom and ability.

In other words, integrative medicine offers the very best of what conventional and alternative healthcare methods can provide to individuals suffering from various chronic health conditions. However, there are certain other, equally important elements to successfully treating and managing diseases: a patient's eagerness to commit to a healthier lifestyle plays a significant role as well.

Physical exercise customized to your specific health condition, a nutritionally powerful diet, quality vitamin and mineral supplementation, plenty of rest, along with stress management truly makes a difference.  All of these components are vital and powerful tools in the hands of integrative health practitioners, aiming for an effective treatment plan to create a new sense of normal wellness that makes a tangible difference for you.

How Can an Integrative Physician Help You?

As previously mentioned, your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and find the way back to balance over time, especially if given proper support and gentle care. Your integrative physician is the person who should support your journey, by offering their expertise to understand your disease along with possible other underlying -yet undiscovered- conditions, and by carefully choosing the best approach — based on their knowledge and experience — to select the right treatment plan for you.

This type of medical care requires a partnership between physician and patient, one that is firmly rooted in trust, cooperation, mutual respect, and compassion. Such an in-depth relationship is usually neither offered, nor possible in a traditional setting, yet it is vitally an important part of a patient's journey, from diagnostic testing to disease management.

Integrative care always attempts to empower you, make you feel more relaxed, and urging you to view yourself as a central component of your story. It is only possible where true connection exists between the physician and the patient, and where highly personalized health care is indeed the norm.

Contact an Integrative Physician in San Francisco

By finding a local, highly trained integrative physician, you can make sure that you are on the right path towards holistic chronic disease management, finding relief, and possibly healing. You have real and scientifically proven treatments available, rather than simply managing your symptoms. Do not hesitate to reach out — you are at the right place when entrusting your care in the hands of an integrative medical physician.

Dr. Payal Bhandari, M.D. is an integrative physician in San Francisco.  She will assist you on your journey towards a greater sense of well-being, restored physical balance, and finding your new, holistic, improved definition of personal health. By offering highly personalized treatment plans, along with various, evidence-based alternative healing methods, she hopes to fully empower you to feel strong and successful, regardless of your physical condition. Contact her today to get started on the path to wellness.

Dr. Payal Bhandari Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. is a leading practitioner of integrative and functional medicine in San Francisco.

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